At Monarch Plank we create the finest in handcrafted hardwood flooring. Our standards require that we use the highest quality hardwood flooring planks from European Oak, to domestic woods such as Walnut, and Hickory.

Our design team is committed to creating innovative products, designs, surfaces, colors and methods of fabrication. We leverage generations of flooring experience and work closely with flooring professionals to designs floors that customers will love and cherish.

A Monarch Plank Flooring Specialist is available to work with you on your next project. Please feel free to contact us at (562) 356-4646 or via our contact form.



Expertise is a powerful sales tool, and we'd like to share ours with you. Gain credibility with your customer through our in-depth training on the nuances of fine European wood flooring. Get real, practical information that's not just specific to Monarch Plank, information you can use to help your customers make good decisions. In return for your participation, we offer:

1) A $100 Visa Gift Card (for a limited time only-valid through Oct. 31st, 2015)
2) A Certified Monarch Plank Sales Professional ceritificate to hang in your showroom
3) Special recognition in the Dealer Locator on our website

All it takes is a little reading and a brief quiz. Click here to read all about the pros and cons of different types of finishes, the characteristics of different types of Oaks, and the unique attributes of smoking/fuming, carbonization, and tannin-reactive coloring techniques. When you've finished, return to this page and click the link below to take a brief quiz on what you've learned. Don't forget to include your company information when prompted.

Link to Test

Note: Visa Gift Cards are limited to one per account, but there is no limit to how many infividuals at each account can become Certified Monarch Plank Sales Professionals and receive separate certificates.